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Moment To Moment | Social Event Styling

Moment to Moment Social Event Styling is a Cincinnati-based planner and event stylist owned by Kelly Sullivan.  Kelly’s style is boho, romantic, and eclectic all rolled into one, and not only did she want to showcase that, but also wanted to show her abilities to style and plan a high-end event.  Kelly’s talents are beyond incredible, so filling her site with photos from events that she’s styled was a breeze. The color palette is soft and romantic, with subtle touches of boho flair.  The hand-lettering is reminiscent of the days of handwritten letters, post cards, and thank you notes, inspiring a closeness and friendship with Kelly’s clients.  The bohemian, free-spirit in each client will come alive when looking through the website.  The brand feels light and inviting, like sitting barefoot on the beach, sipping mimosas with friends.


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March 16, 2017


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