Ben Elsass Photography - KALEIGH TURNER CREATIVE
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Ben Elsass Photography

Ben Elsass Photography is a Cincinnati wedding photographer and we were so thrilled to design his website and logo!! Mid-century mod meets California surfer in this laid back branding. The objective in the design of his logo and website was to give his client’s a feel for who Ben is as a person, his personality and interests, as well as create a user-friendly site that a potential client could navigate with ease.  It beautifully showcases his work, but gives client’s the information they need without going over board. We tied Ben’s love for the west coast (he lived in LA for a time) as well as his love for seamless, mid-century modern style to create a style that is reminiscent of a California sunset.


Check out his entire site at



March 16, 2017


Custom Logo Design, Website Design