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Lauren DiFulvio Photography | Custom Logo Design | Kaleigh Turner Creative

Lauren is so. much. fun. When it came time to start the branding/custom logo design process for her, based off of her Pinterest board and personality, it was easy to see that she needed something edgy! So edgy we did.  We started off with a bit of inspiration from black paint brush strokes and ran from there.  We paired this idea with a shimmery, metallic gold to not only give it a pop of color and sass, but to also give it a bit of a feminine touch. The biggest take away from the gold, however, is the warmth in Lauren’s photos.  She uses light in a beautiful way that makes her images look like the light is always so beautifully warm and golden. Part of branding for a business is not only catering to the client, but also to the client’s target market, and being able to showcase the feel of Lauren’s work and combining it with a look that will attract high-end brides is super important.


The font itself gives the free, hand-written look and ties in nicely with the watermarks and variations with the black watercolor spots. The watermarks and logo variations are a good mix of feminine script and modern, sleek fonts to give her the option when choosing what she wants for marketing collateral.


Lauren is a Cincinnati-based, high end wedding photographer, so check her out if you’re in the area! XO


Lauren’s work can be seen here:


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