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I’m Kaleigh, the creative director & lead designer of Kaleigh Turner Creative, and this is my happy place.  I’ve been an artist since my momma put a pencil in my hand and taught me the correct way to hand-sketch a face at the small age of 2. I love to paint, but don’t get to often, and my love for design often treads the line between my love for home decor and interior design, driving my sweet husband crazy with how often I want to redecorate.  I’m also the owner and lead-photographer for Kaleigh Turner Photography, a Cincinnati-based wedding photography company, the wife of the cutest guy ever, and momma to 3 littles. I have a degree in Graphic Design and started out designing custom wedding invitations and stationary for brides as part of their photography packaging.

This company was built on the foundation of complete love for what I do.  Knowing both sides of the spectrum (both designer and wedding photographer), I’ve been in your shoes, so I know how daunting it can feel to begin the search for a designer that can capture your vibe wholly and without bais. I only ever want you to feel like I totally get you from the very first email. I believe 100% that this process should be fun and inspiring, so cultivating this new brand of yours is fulfilling and when it’s time to launch, you feel like the most badass #boss. Let’s rock this branding thing together. XO

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